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Media Relations

Delivering more earned media results is the core of our integrated services at Maroon PR. Our team has strong and trusted media relationships locally, market-to-market, nationally and with trade publications to allow us to share our client stories across various industries and platforms. We share our longstanding media relationships to deliver more storytelling opportunities to our clients in print, TV, radio and online. Let us share more opportunities to tell your story.


What sets you apart from your competition? What do your customers think and feel when they see your logo or hear your name? What more can you do to stand out in a crowded marketplace? We ask these questions and more as we help develop, grow and take our clients’ brands to the next level. Through our branding workshops, creative logo and collateral designs, effective messaging, and strategic planning, we help do more with your brand and deliver results.

Maroon PR also assists clients with corporate and internal communications to help deliver effective and consistent messaging. From speaking points, presentations and internal corporate announcements, we help C-Level executives, boards of directors and shareholders shape and deliver communications to their growing companies and organizations.

Social Media

Social Media is no longer an option, but an integral way for organizations to tell their stories and connect with audiences. Our firm provides expansive social media services including strategy development, editorial calendar planning, daily management and monitoring, content and campaign development, and social advertising. No two client social media strategies are the same as we set strategies that are reflective of your organizational goals. As social media becomes more complex, our approach remains simple – be social, be timely, be authentic and listen. We believe that social media growth should be focused on building authentic communities through compelling content and strategic advertising support. Engagement is our passion. We do more to be timely, encourage interaction and transparency, participate in conversations and invite community participation whenever possible.

Media Buying

Media buying means more than it ever has in the past. Today’s media landscape provides more choices than ever before for ways to reach your consumers, targeted audience and potential customers from traditional print, mobile, web, targeted social, outdoor, radio and more. Maroon PR will identify your best options and work to do more with your advertising budget. We build a customized ad strategy, leverage our media buying relationships, develop compelling creative, manage the campaign and provide analytics to deliver greater results from every ad spend.

Content Development

As the digital landscape grows, companies have more ways than ever to tell their stories and share content across platforms. Our content development team, made up of an in-house graphic designer, videographer and content development manager, create content to support your entire digital footprint, from social media to email marketing and websites. Our company also produces podcasts for clients interested in longform content to engage audiences. From video production to infographics, let our team to more to bring your story to life!


We take pride in having developed hundreds of relationships for our clients over the years to help them achieve more, grow their network and impact more fans, followers and customers. From developing strategic partnerships, public-private partnerships with our many nonprofit clients and corporate partners, to effective media partnerships to help drive campaigns, Maroon PR does more every day to drive growth through relationships. We look for forward to helping make your next important connection to do more for your business.

About Maroon: A Public Relations Firm Washington D.C.

Established in 2006, Maroon PR is a creative communications agency that drives growth for clients through integrated public relations. Using our expertise in media relations, social media, content development, branding, relationship development and media buying, we help clients identify and achieve their goals as they strive to succeed in their industry. Through our years of work, Maroon PR understands that today the PR industry matters more than ever. As newsroom resources evolve, reporters depend on us to help them share our clients’ stories. And as digital platforms grow, our clients have the ability to tell their own stories and expect greater results, more impressions, increased engagement, creative ideas and content. Our creative communications agency is embracing the challenge and we are proud that Maroon PR means more to our partners, clients and media than ever before.

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