In 2020, Maroon PR collaborated for a third time with HealthCare Access Maryland (HCAM) to design their Annual Report.

Given the significance of the events of 2020, particularly around public health, this was an especially important year for HCAM and our team was excited to help them convey their accomplishments through the report. Founded in 1997, HCAM is a nonprofit agency that connects residents to public health care coverage and helps them navigate services effectively. They have comprehensive reach, working with individuals, hospitals, policymakers, and social services organizations to strengthen Maryland’s health care delivery system and make Maryland healthier.

The chosen theme of the 2020 report is “Unwavering Commitment,” signaling the dedication shown by HCAM’s team to its community during the pandemic. We wanted the design to be contemporary and communicate feelings of security and unity while providing representation for HCAM’s diverse community.

A key part of our work prior to the design and layout was to help HCAM identify key narratives and distill down the wealth of program statistics in order to present key successes and impact clearly. Our approach with reports is to always share stories of impact to support statistics.

The main topics needed for this report included outlining HCAM’s accomplishments during the pandemic, impact stories about individuals who received aid through HCAM’s programs, and the success of several company events that were hosting in early 2020 (pre-pandemic). The report also thanks HCAM’s generous contributors and provides information about how individuals can make a difference by providing their support.

During such an unprecedented and traumatic year, HCAM stepped up and delivered essential services to thousands of people in their community, further demonstrating their unwavering commitment to public health and safety. 

The full report can be viewed here: