After almost two years of COVID-19, Marylanders are still experiencing significant hardship as a result of the pandemic, which continues to impact the economy and household budgets. Between rising inflation, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages caused by surging cases of new COVID-19 variants, the economic recovery remains bumpy, just as federal relief measures wind down. The Maryland Food Bank expects the pandemic to have a lasting ripple effect well into 2022, in part because of what the organization is hearing from its statewide network of community partners about higher-than-average demand for charitable food.

Understanding that hunger in Maryland is a complex, multifaceted crisis, the Maryland Food Bank realizes that tackling food insecurity effectively and efficiently requires an evidence-based approach to its causes and solutions. With a focus on research, the Maryland Food Bank is going into 2022 with more data than ever before.

Maroon PR has been working with the Maryland Food Bank team to use this data and research to inform the media, and ultimately use the media to effectively educate the public and key audiences on what’s needed to combat food insecurity in Maryland. Most recently, our team secured coverage focused on the food bank’s outlook on food insecurity spikes as it relates to research conducted through network partners.

– The Maryland Food Bank’s President and CEO Carmen Del Guercio featured on FOX 45 WBFF-TV Baltimore.

– The Maryland Food Bank’s Executive Vice President Meg Kimmel talks with WBAL-AM about increased demand for food assistance in the coming months.

Maryland Matters explores Maryland Food Bank research and the complexity of food insecurity in Maryland.

This work is ongoing as we look to secure more in-depth coverage on the state of food insecurity in Maryland. Given the everchanging, and complicated, state of economic stability and food insecurity in Maryland, the Maryland Food Bank’s leadership is critical, and Maroon PR is honored to be a part of this incredible force.

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