In early July, Maroon PR capitalized on an opportunity to organically grow Big League Chew’s Twitter presence by engaging on the platform during Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game events. Because Twitter is constantly updating, Account Director Nicole Durante and Account Coordinator Gabby DiPaula spent time during the day and evening with relevant posts during the MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game. With a goal of continuing to bring this nostalgic brand to life digitally, our team was able to captivate fans, teams, players, and newscasters.

The results of this strategy were significant. From July 12-July 15, Big League Chew’s twitter engagement skyrocketed with 333, 931 impressions and 7,607 engagements. 

We took a closer look at those engagements to learn how people engaged:

– 1,361 likes, an increase of 3,481.6% from the week prior.
– 58 @replies, an increase of 1,375% from the week prior.
– Post link clicks increased by 125%
– Other post clicks (clicking on hashtags/content in posts/detail expand) equaled 5,974, an increase of 1,858.7%
– 250 new followers gained in just 3 days

Besides our team having some bubble gum fun on social, Maroon PR feels confident that its technique of engaging on social media in real-time during this series of live events will ultimately peak awareness and loyalty to this fun brand.

Check out one of our most interacted with posts of the day:

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