Blossoms of Hope

Rebranding to reflect a growing community


In 2019, Maroon PR was retained by Blossoms of Hope to lead a brand refresh project for the growing organization. Founded in 2004, Blossoms of Hope enhances quality of life through beautification projects, support for cancer organizations and by responding to critical needs of communities in and around Howard County. The Board of Directors turned to Maroon PR to develop a new logo, brand guidelines, accompanying brand assets and updated organizational messaging.  

Our Approach

In an effort to streamline the process, Maroon PR worked closely with the Board’s marketing committee to do a deep dive on the organization’s history and goals moving forward. In addition, our team developed a comprehensive survey that was distributed to the entire Board of Directors in an effort to understand current attitudes about the existing logo and brand presence within the community. Using these results, Maroon PR was able to approach the new brand assets and messaging strategy with clarity and input from the entire team. 

Logo & Branding Strategy

 In our research of the Blossoms of Hope community, we found strong emotional ties to the imagery in their original logo: a cherry tree that doubles as a person with their arms outstretched, flowers blossoming where their hands begin. This ties directly to Blossoms’ popular tree program, wherein loved ones of those touched by cancer purchase a cherry tree to be planted in the community as a symbol of their loved one’s strength and life. It is a gesture of love, respect, and most importantly hope.

After discovering how much this core imagery spoke to the organization, we decided to refresh the original illustration with a crisp, modern look, still capturing the essence of hope. Another symbolic change to their look came by removing the tree from its original background. The new illustration is unencumbered by the limits of a colored box around it, which we felt was a nod to the growth that Blossoms of Hope has been experiencing as an organization.

For their colors, we chose a new shade of pink that adds some neutrality in place of the original, darker shade. It’s a close cousin to the official breast cancer pink and coordinates well with a wide range of other color options, including the other logos that Blossoms of Hope uses to promote their seasonal events. However, we wanted to further convey the diversity of Blossoms of Hope’s services in their community, so we went even further with their new colors.

We created four separate logos identical to the central mark except for the flowers within the tree, which contain a soft gradient fade into either green, periwinkle, maroon, or purple. These four colors make up the secondary color palette as well as representing different branches of Blossoms of Hope’s services. For example, the logo containing a green gradient will be used in the context of their tree program because green symbolizes renewal, energy, and nature. Each secondary color has meaning behind it and the gradient effect overall represents diversity, inclusion and connection, adding extra depth to the Blossoms of Hope brand.

Once the organization’s new look was in place, Maroon PR held another deep dive meeting to talk to the marketing committee about messaging needs. As an organization that helps with several causes, the most pressing need was a clear and consistent message to help the Board of Directors attract donors and volunteers. 

Our team developed a positioning statement, supporting WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, and TO WHAT END messages, FAQ’s, an example elevator speech and spreadsheet with messages developed for specific stakeholder groups.


Maroon PR delivered a new logo, detailed brand guidelines, a set of collateral materials and a detailed messaging document for the Blossoms of Hope team to implement.


Brand Book

After we finished the logo design, we created an in-depth booklet outlining how Blossoms of Hope’s new brand should be presented to the world.

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