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As the world becomes more plugged in to consuming audio, podcasts continue to grow in popularity. Wanting to latch on to this trend and find their niche in the space, Leap to Digital turned to Maroon PR to develop a podcast designed to speak to the professional home services and contractor community.

The show, named Leaps & Bounds and hosted by Leap’s Tom Basch, invites some of the industry’s most successful leaders and professionals to discuss what’s made them successful and how they continue to stay ahead of their competition in the technology-age.


Having experience with producing podcasts, Maroon PR took learnings from previous work to develop a strategic plan that would provide Leap with the tools needed to host a successful podcast. The key being, to focus on sharing impactful content that speaks to their industry. Together with Leap, it was decided that the show would focus on conversations with contractors about their path to success, in an effort to build on the great resources Leap to Digital already provides contractors.

Next, our team handled logistics. First came naming of the show and creating the podcast cover art that features elements of Leap’s logo and bright colors that stand out in the crowd of podcasts. We also conducted extensive research to find the ideal hosting platform in Castos that featured integrations that worked well with Leap’s web platform. 

After determining the launch date, our team developed a rollout plan that included the distribution plan to notable platforms that help you attract and keep listeners. Finally, we worked with Leap to set structure around branding and episode development – creating a recording schedule, length of each show, the podcast web page, episode title and show description. 

Once the logistics were in place, we followed with a step-by-step plan for the Leap team to market the podcast to their ever-growing database of contractors and home services professionals through social media and strategic email blasts…and the show was off to the races.

Maroon PR’s social media director, graphic designer and podcast technician all had a hand in getting the podcast launched successfully. Our team currently handles the recording of each show using professional sound equipment, both in person and through phone to guests, during the pandemic, in addition to publishing each episode, posting once every two weeks on Thursdays, which data has shown has the most total downloads per average episode.


Since the show launched on July 27th, Leaps and Bounds has grown a steady follower base, with over 4,000 listens to the show, after just nine episodes. Listeners stretch from the United States and Canada to Australia and India and are listened to on a variety of platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more.

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