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Content and channels that your brand or organization has full control over. This includes assets such as websites, blogs, social media profiles, email newsletters, etc.

social media

Social media has transformed from an optional add-on to an essential avenue for organizations to share their stories and engage with their audiences. At our firm, we offer comprehensive social media services that encompass strategy development, editorial calendar planning, daily management and monitoring, content and campaign creation, as well as social advertising. Our passion lies in fostering engagement and building communities. We go the extra mile to ensure timely responses, encourage interaction and transparency, actively participate in conversations, and engage the community whenever possible.

We understand that every client has unique organizational goals, which is why we tailor our social media strategies accordingly. Despite the increasing complexity of social media, our approach remains simple yet effective – be social, be timely, be authentic, and actively listen. We firmly believe in fostering genuine communities through compelling content and strategic advertising support to drive social media growth.

To streamline our efforts and provide valuable insights, our team utilizes Sprout Social for social media management and generates comprehensive reports to analyze success and inform future strategies. As part of our services, we also offer community and reputation management on social channels and review sites. Furthermore, Maroon PR’s in-house creative team excels at creating captivating content tailored to the specific social media goals of each client. From graphic design to video production, we stay abreast of digital platform developments and invest time in analyzing content performance.

Discover the power of our social media services to amplify your brand’s presence and cultivate meaningful connections. Let us help you navigate the dynamic world of social media with authenticity, creativity, and strategic insights.

content development

In today’s expanding digital landscape, companies have a multitude of channels to leverage for storytelling and content sharing. At our company, we have a dedicated content development team consisting of a COO with an extensive creative services background, an experienced Director of Social and Digital Strategy, an in-house Graphic Designer and a Multimedia Producer/Videographer. Together, we craft compelling content that supports your entire digital footprint, spanning social media, email marketing, and website content. Additionally, we specialize in producing podcasts for clients seeking long-form content to engage their audiences. Whether it’s video production, infographics, or podcast creation, our team goes the extra mile to breathe life into your story.

Maroon PR excels in providing comprehensive creative services, including graphic design, video production, and podcast production. Our graphic design services cater primarily to digital content requirements, leveraging our extensive expertise in social media management. Additionally, our team is well-versed in traditional graphic design needs, encompassing collateral pieces, advertising materials, signage design, and more. With our agency’s deep-rooted experience in working with non-profit organizations, we have a solid portfolio in creating annual reports and design pieces for donor cultivation. Feel free to explore our non-profit portfolio to see our past work.

When it comes to video production, Maroon PR focuses on powerful storytelling and engaging social media content. We collaborate closely with clients to bring their narratives to life through captivating videos. In addition to storytelling, we create promotional videos tailored for various advertising needs, be it for broadcast or digital platforms.

Podcasting presents an excellent opportunity to deliver meaningful content to your target audience while building brand awareness. At Maroon PR, we offer comprehensive podcast production services. Equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio and professional-grade equipment, our team manages the production, hosting, and execution of your podcast. We handle all aspects, including overall content strategy, editorial calendars, and episode notes.

Unlock the potential of compelling content with Maroon PR’s content development services. Let us ignite your brand’s narrative across diverse digital channels, capturing the hearts and minds of your audience.

Branding and Internal Communications

At Maroon PR, we take pride in what sets us apart from the competition. We understand the power of branding and the impact it can have on customers. When they see your logo or hear your name, we want them to think and feel something extraordinary.

To achieve this, we go beyond design and delve deep into the essence of your brand. Through our comprehensive branding workshops, we help clients uncover their unique brand positioning or gain a fresh perspective on their existing one. This groundwork is essential before we even begin to develop messaging or breathe life into captivating design concepts.

 Our strategies are crafted to not only strengthen brands but also lay a solid foundation for impactful public relations and marketing campaigns. We believe that a well-defined brand identity is the key to effectively engaging your target audience and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

In addition to our branding expertise, Maroon PR offers comprehensive assistance with corporate and internal communications. We understand the importance of delivering consistent and compelling messaging across all channels. Whether it’s crafting speaking points, creating engaging presentations, or facilitating internal corporate announcements, we provide invaluable support to C-Level executives, boards of directors, and shareholders. We help shape and deliver powerful communications that resonate with your growing company or organization.

Let us help take your brand to the next level. Partner with Maroon PR and discover the true potential of your brand.

Relationship Development

At Maroon PR, we take great pride in our ability to foster hundreds of valuable relationships for our clients, enabling them to achieve more, expand their networks, and engage with a larger base of fans, followers, and customers. Whether it’s forging strategic partnerships, including public-private collaborations with nonprofit organizations and corporate entities, or establishing effective media alliances to drive impactful campaigns, we continuously strive to enhance growth through the power of relationships. We are excited about the opportunity to facilitate your next significant connection that will propel your business forward.

Our belief in the transformative potential of partnerships is unwavering, and we thoroughly enjoy connecting our clients with new and valuable opportunities. Here are some recent examples of successful partnerships:

  • Maroon PR played a pivotal role in creating a vital partnership between the Baltimore Ravens, WMAR TV, and the House of Ruth Maryland to address the issue of domestic violence.
  • We facilitated a partnership between Giant Foods and the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Washington, D.C., enhancing a volunteer meal initiative for families supported by RMHCDC.
  • Maroon PR collaborated with The Brigance Brigade, the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, and Weller Development to address critical community needs.
  • We orchestrated a partnership between Cal Ripken, Jr. and Roy Rogers Restaurants, leveraging their combined efforts to raise awareness for the restaurant chain’s 50th Anniversary.
  • Maroon PR introduced Heritage Financial to the Maryland Food Bank, facilitating employee volunteer initiatives that support local communities.
  • We partnered the BMW Championship with Baltimore’s Classic Five golf courses to drive event ticket sales, enhancing the success of the championship.

At Maroon PR, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of partnerships to drive exceptional results for our clients. Let us help you unlock the potential of meaningful connections and propel your business to new heights.

Core Industries Served

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Nonprofit & HEALTHCARE

Maroon Cares unites our efforts in both nonprofit and healthcare sectors to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. 

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Maroon Gathers focuses on our strength in the world of hospitality. From restaurants, bars and festivals to hotels and spas to hospitality and spirit brands we use public relations tactics to tell their story and drive traffic.

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Maroon Plays takes us back to our roots and all things sports. Significant events, sports-centric organizations as well as leagues and teams. This is the area that we were founded on and remains one where we excel.

Our work reflects our understanding that owned, earned and paid media, together, comprise public relations.

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Celebrating freedom. #Juneteenth Our offices are closed today in observance #freedomday

Celebrating freedom. #Juneteenth Our offices are closed today in observance #freedomday ...

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⚽️ Promoting The @statesidecup in beautiful #Annapolis with a media event, content shoot, and plenty of mascot antics! 
🦅 @cpfc v @wolves 🐺 July 31 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, be there! statesidecup.com #Wolves #CrystalPalace #MaroonPlays #ElitePromotionsGroup #EPL

⚽️ Promoting The @statesidecup in beautiful #Annapolis with a media event, content shoot, and plenty of mascot antics!
🦅 @cpfc v @wolves 🐺 July 31 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, be there! statesidecup.com #Wolves #CrystalPalace #MaroonPlays #ElitePromotionsGroup #EPL

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Goooaaalll!!! ⚽️ We’re thrilled to work with @elite_promotions_group to bring the #StatesideCup to Annapolis, Jacksonville, and Tampa this summer! Check out @premierleague clubs @cpfc, @wolves and @westham. Visit statesidecup.com for more. #MaroonPlays

Goooaaalll!!! ⚽️ We’re thrilled to work with @elite_promotions_group to bring the #StatesideCup to Annapolis, Jacksonville, and Tampa this summer! Check out @premierleague clubs @cpfc, @wolves and @westham. Visit statesidecup.com for more. #MaroonPlays ...

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🤩 New wall art installation at our office! 

Design: @sarahreneehill MPR
Installation: @ami_signs 
Model: @jack_maroon_greyhound 

#MaroonCares #MaroonGathers #MaroonPlays

🤩 New wall art installation at our office!

Design: @sarahreneehill MPR
Installation: @ami_signs
Model: @jack_maroon_greyhound

#MaroonCares #MaroonGathers #MaroonPlays

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