As Maryland Food Bank’s public relations agency, Maroon PR is tasked with keeping the non-profit agency in the news as they tackle the issue of food insecurity in Maryland. And while there are no shortage of important stories to be told and critical messages to be communicated, as media relations professionals, we have to do our research, find creative story angles and develop compelling pitches in order to compete with the saturated news cycle.

As media outlets evolve and continue to enhance their storytelling opportunities, we are always encouraged by new content opportunities, particulary when it comes to long form content and conversations.

One recent example of a new media segment comes from the Maryland Daily Record. In 2020 they launched a video series,                 Off the Record with Sloane Brown. In this segment, Sloane, a former Baltimore Sun society reporter, goes beyond news to talk with Maryland  business leaders in a more personal manner through a video discussion.

We love how her format is both informative and personal, bringing leaders to life in way that is often missed in written pieces or short TV news segments.

In February, we pitched Carmen Del Guercio, president/CEO of the Maryland Food Bank for the segment, knowing that his background was particularly interesting and that he had a very compelling story to share when it came to dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

The result? An impactful content piece that shares a more personal side to the CEO and offers an authentic look into the work of the Maryland Food Bank. If we have learned anything from the past year, empathy goes a long way when connecting with the public.

Watch the video here.

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