SPIN is a Four Letter Word
SPIN is a Four Letter Word
John Minadakis, President at Jimmy's Famous Seafood | 12
Did someone say crab cakes? John Maroon and Jen Renehan welcome John Minadakis, President at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood. Emigrating from Greece, Demetrios “Jimmy” Minadakis opened the restaurant in 1974 with his sons John and Tony keeping the legacy alive. Since then, Jimmy’s has become a Maryland and national staple, not only due to the phenomenal cuisine and professional service they provide but also by being philanthropists in the communities they serve and staying true to their brand. 
Hear how Jimmy’s Famous Seafood took initiative during the pandemic to create The Famous Fund and helped raise thousands of dollars to support locally owned Baltimore restaurants, plus a whole host of other philanthropy efforts. John shares how humbled he is by the partnerships the restaurant has acquired, how being authentic on social media has impacted the brand, the experience of being featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri, and much more.