At Maroon PR we like to say that we are the agency that clients want to have a beer with. In this season of SPIN is a Four Letter Word, we are doing just that: having a beer with guests as we discuss everything from hot topics in PR to how relationships drive growth. Join us for the journey – Cheers!

Episode 1 features the Godfather of Baltimore beer, Hugh Sission, Founder and CEO of Heavy Seas Beer. It was 1982, when the idea first crossed Hugh Sisson’s mind. At the time, he was running the only craft beer bar in Baltimore with his father. He couldn’t help but wonder if he could make his own beer, or if it was even possible. It was the question that would alter his life forever. In 2003, Clipper City introduced the Heavy Seas line of beers. They were bold beers meant to challenge the average beer drinker– high alcohol with incredible flavor. In 2010, the great success of the Heavy Seas line of beers was the deciding factor in adopting the name Heavy Seas for the brewery. The rest, as they say, is history. In this episode we discuss Hugh’s keys to success, about taking risks, and his approach to business.