As we approach one year of adjusting to life during a panemdic, we realize there is so much that each of us has learned both professionally and personally. As an agency, we always have one foot forward and strive to learn from each other and our clients. And while we continue to look ahead, we’ve taken some time to catch up with our team to share perspectives from the last year.

We start with our leader, John Maroon!

As we approach one year of dealing with pandemic, what word has helped you stay positive, focused and strong during this very challenging year?

Faith. I have come to appreciate what I have way more than focus on what I don’t have. We are so fortunate and blessed. Despite the challenging year, we have so much and are grateful.

What has been your favorite or most impactful client effort recently, and why?

As anyone who knows me understands, I am obsessed with golf so working on the BMW Championship has been a passion play as much as a job.

What have you learned in the past year as it relates to the PR industry?

We need to stay nimble and continue to evolve and grow. As newsrooms face mounting pressures and social media becomes more crowded, we need to enhance how we help our clients stand out from the crowd and I believe our agency has done just that. In addition to our core services of earned and owned media, we are enhancing our cleints’ content through video and  podcasting, and working more in the paid space to maximize client budgets.

What have you learned from your clients?

Sometimes you forget that clients really count on us and need us. We have heard that from several clients over the last year and it is meaningful. There are also differences in every business and every industry with how they work and why they work the way they do. It is important for us to learn and appreciate those differences, alter the way we get results based on this.

What is one thing you’ve learned from a MPR teammate?

I have learned a lot about time management watching Jen Renehan. She has a lot to manage, not to mention adorable Charlotte, but she still finds time to make sure the approach isn’t cookie cutter, but creative and new, while still balancing her workload. From Carolyn (yes, I know I am jaded), I continue to learn positivity. Carr always reminds me of the positives and the great things we as a team are accomplishing through this crazy time.

If you could have lunch with anyone past or present, who would it be, and why?

Arnold Palmer. What an innovator. Not just one of the all-time greats but he started Golf Channel, created the deal with The Arnold Palmer drink that showed great foresight and garnered him a ton more money ($1 per case in perpetuity) and more. In addition, lunch with Arnold would include cocktails, so …

What’s your PR super power? 

I can write and edit copy quickly and easily (in a single bound).

What’s one thing at your work space that you can’t live without? 

I don’t know if this qualifies, but I need to be at the office at my desk to be most efficient. I understand that we have all of the technology that makes it easy to work from any location, but I love my desk set-up with my screens and my phone right there. This is why throughout this time I have been in the office most days.

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