The four official company dogs of Maroon PR each have their unique stories and personalities.

Gabe Maroon

Connie Maroon

Connie and Gabe were both wonderful members of the Maroon PR team and the Maroon family.  They were both retired racing greyhounds adopted by Carolyn and John.  Gabe came first. He ran in Florida under the racing name Urlacher (all of his siblings were named after Chicago Bears players) and retired from racing at age 3 ½. After he was adopted and came to Maryland he was very active with Greyhound Pets of America appearing at various fundraisers and functions. He was also the first Maroon PR mascot and a great representative for both our company and greyhound adoption. Gabe passed away in 2009 after battling bone cancer.

In 2010 the Maroons adopted Connie off the track. Her short racing career had her running in Rhode Island under the racing name Mohican Hazel, but a leg injury forced her into retirement when she was only a year and a half old. She was part of the Maroon PR team as Assistant to the President (we all know that he assisted her) and the Maroon family for many years and spent a lot of time at the MPR offices as an integral part of the team. Connie loved spending time in her backyard and taking long naps.  She passed away in 2021 at the ripe old age of 13.

Jack Maroon – Chief of Staff

Lucy Williams – Chief of Naps

In 2023, the Maroons welcomed Jack to the family! Jack is a three-year-old retired racing Greyhound from Ireland. He enjoys coming to the office to keep the team company, rummage for treats and watch over the President as he works. Jack enjoys his toys and long walks.  He is a lot of work but is well-loved!

Lucy is Maroon PR’s Chief of Naps and it isn’t just a catchy title, the girl can sleep and you will know it by her adorable snores!  In April of 2024 Lucy celebrated her 14th birthday.  Matt brought Lucy home to Kelly when he was working at the Humane Rescue Alliance and she has been part of the MPR family since Matt’s arrival.