Maroon PR shines light on cyber companies moving to COPT’s Columbia Gateway

Jun 25, 2019 | Client Coverage, Corporate

Cybersecurity firms are flocking to Maryland to be near the nation’s top security agencies and the talent that is flowing out of the state’s prestigious universities. With nearly one-third of its Maryland portfolio leased to cybersecurity users, Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) has created a community for cybersecurity-focused firms at Columbia Gateway in Columbia, Md.

When a new group of cyber-focused tenants signed leases at Columbia Gateway in June, including Red Alpha and iNovex, COPT looked to Maroon PR to tell the story of how COPT became a trusted name in the cyber world. Leveraging its strong relationships with Baltimore’s top business and tech reporters, the Maroon PR team helped COPT tell that story across a variety of platforms.

In The Daily Record, Adam Bednar reported on COPT’s leading role among developers working with the growth industry of cybersecurity. Stephen Babcock of Baltimore focused in on COPT’s amenity-rich, experience driven workplaces, and the appeal that has for cyber firms that are constantly competing to retain talent. In addition to The Daily Record and Baltimore, Maroon PR’s efforts secured coverage of COPT’s new cyber leases in The Cyber Wire, along with CityBizList, Baltimore Patch, I-95 Business.

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